Friday, 6 January 2017

My 7 Wishes for Rimworld

1. Water Usage: including thirst, peeing, pumps, irrigation, toilets, fertilizer, dangerous floods after heavy rain, fishing etc
2. House Robots: at first only able to clean, but a separate research branch lets colonists program them to haul items, sow fields and even fight eventually (robot could become increasingly more intelligent and eventually turn into an AI), need to recharge in the sunlight or at docking stations 
3. More Traps: seriously, there must have been any advancement to deadfall traps in the future, right? Maybe something to catch prey and prisoners alive? Electricity/taser traps or even just ropes and nets?
4. Rubbish: lost side products to every fabrication process, can eventually be recycled or burned, influences the nature around you
5. Auto Lights: auto doors but no auto lights? Come on!
6. New Lifeforms:      a) Plants for greater food variety, tofu for the vegans
b) Aliens, many humanoid, of course, but also some truly strange ones like gas clouds, hive mind balls, god creatures like Cthulu demanding to be worshipped
c) Mutants, including vampires which act like humans on both Go-Juice and Luciferium but can be repelled by light and need blood for survival (which can be synthesized after some research)
7. Unearthly Conditions: strange phenomena like diamonds hailing down, sulfur fog, worm holes spitting out random stuff, moving mountains, acid rain, healing wells, meteor impacts (influencing the landscape, adding new ressources) etc

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