Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hiatus... Again

I spent a few hours today creating a video that was supposed to be my last upload before I have to leave town for some months (again, yes)... but my old computer gobbled it all up and now there's NOTHING left. So... this is it. I have to depart once more and leave you guys alone.
I hope you'll have a splendid time without me and that you'll still remember me when I finally return somewhen in March or April.



  1. Greetings Captain!

    I Love your competent Style, your swingy voice and your dedication to the character. I soaked up your Videos like a dry sponge water does.

    I kinda hope that your journey comes finally to an End and that i will be able to see more content from you.

    Also, ever considered starting a Gothic 3 Let´s Roleplay? I honestly think that you´d love it to roleplay.

    kindest regards.


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