Monday, 4 February 2013

Young Greenbear's Fooleries III: Sweet Sweden

As a little green cub, my parents travelled a lot with me. They were truly in love with the great country of Sweden and while I admit that the Swedes can count themselves lucky when it comes to landscapes, pizza and women, it might be that travelling there up to two times a year -every year- might have somewhat killed my passion for this admirable nation.

About the time when I started understanding the concept of countries, borders and governments, my parents and I were -surprise, surprise!- on vacation in Sweden. Back then, I still enjoyed climbing all over the rocks, pretending I'm a giant who is hunting his LEGO minions. So naturally I was desolate when we broke camp. My mother tried to calm things down by taking me to a local toy store, where she said I could pick one item of my choice and take it with me as a reminder of the fun times I had in Sweden. Little, simple me got really confused about this and memorised it as the fact that the fantastic nation of Sweden granted one toy to any leaving tourist as a token of the superiority of this country. How awesome is that, I ask you! An entire country caring so much for us foreigners they gave us a free toy! Any toy! How about that little car? Or the stuffed animal over there? Or the weird wooden game I don't quite understand yet? Haha!
My joy was turned into tears when I tried to claim my 'tourist toy' at the end of our next visit.

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