Monday, 4 February 2013

Young Greenbear's Fooleries II: Life Line

Triggered by my last post about my childhood attempt at collecting comics, I was reminded of some of the other rather foolish things I did or believed when I was younger. I thought about putting them all into one video, but it might be wiser to just write them down here for a smaller and possibly more private audience.

Now, before telling you about this first silliness of mine, all you guys and gals need to know that I am a person of mildly obsessive behaviour. Not 'locking the door fifty times' obsessive or 'spitting on the ground and spinning around myself counterclockwise every time someone mentions You-Know-Who's name' obsessive, but still... I like to check once or twice or three or four times before continuing in whatever it is I'm doing. There. I said it. By the way, I checked this text five times now for spelling mistakes, so this better be perfect. Six now. Carry on, Greenbear!
Keep that in mind when going over to judge my younger me and his weird little worldview.

Here we go then. When I was at about the age of five and probably still a proud member of my local kindergarten gang, I somehow talked myself into believing that there was an invisible and untouchable life line going out of every humans back. This life line was very flexible and long and led along all the places one has ever been at all the way back to the actual place where the owner was born. The life line could obviously not be felt or tripped over accidentally or cut by the neighbours lawn mower, so it was a very harmless theory... if it wasn't for my major concern that if a person twists around itself without twisting back the exact same number of twists it has done before, said person would strangle themselves with the bloody life line. Needless to say, the whole matter resulted in me trying to memorise the number of turns and twists I had done every day and then all of a sudden starting to spin around myself in the weirdest locations, trying to save my sorry green skin from a very mysterious death.
I eventually gave up on that theory when my friends kept surviving the merry-go-rounds.

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