Tuesday, 11 December 2012

An Apology

I would like to apologise for the inconsistency in my uploads lately, though it's very likely you didn't even notice. I'm trying for over a year now to upload one video per day and if I failed to do so in the past, that was mostly because I didn't have any new videos recorded. For several months now I have been in a state of constant employment, which (surprisingly for me) had a positive rather than a negative effect on the consistency of my LPing channel. I plan ahead and record more often, so that I always have some spare episodes left.

However, the last few weeks have also been very stressful for me personally. It was partly due to my work, but mainly because of some other reasons concerning my so called 'professional life' and my hobby on YouTube. Things didn't quite go as planned and I felt quite blue about it more and more often. Today, things peaked. I received a pretty tough blow regarding my past and future life that might well affect the upcoming years severely. I am extremely disappointed in myself and the institution involved.
There is a good side, though. With this thing cleared (even though with the worst possible outcome) I finally can free my mind for once and relax for the upcoming holidays.

Hope you guys had a better time than me. See you around in the comments!

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