Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A Drunk Pirate

I decided to go for a little experiment in my ongoing Risen 2 Let's Play, starting at episode -085-. I always liked to have a little drink while recording my video games, but now I had the idea of making it an active part of my roleplay. Here's the deal: my character - the nameless hero - turned out to be a drunkard after the first Risen game was finished. He drank so much that he lost all his knowledge and skills and it's surprising that he can actually still remember most of the events and people from Faranga (island of Risen 1). So when Patty, his old friend, showed up and told him to save the world once more, he was greatly encouraged to stop binge-drinking and instead man up and do what needed to be done. Unfortunately, I now came to a point in the game, where ALL his so-called friends seemed to have turned their backs on the nameless hero, leavin him to rot on a little island full of monsters. Since the only thing he had left now was his little collection of rum bottles, he decided that it couldn't get any worse.
So my character is back to being an alcoholic. Whenever something exciting happens to him, he feels the urgent need to take a sip. And since he also drinks during fights or at any other point when he needs some healing, that's quite an amount of alcohol running through his system. And here comes the fun part: whenever he takes a drink, I have to do so, too! Of course my liver couldn't hope to match his skills at emptying entire rum bottles, so I settled for a generous gulp of wine instead everytime my character gets itchy fingers.
The first set of videos with this new system went hilariously well. I did not achieve any more than usual, but it felt like it and I had great fun playing the role of a drunk pirate.

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