Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Greenbear vs. Plants vs. Zombies

As some of you have probably witnessed, I was gone for about two weeks at the beginning of April, celebrating my birthday by going on vacation. I had some episodes prepared with me on a stick so that I could upload one every other day to keep you fellows entertained, but sadly the promise of an existing internet connection turned out to be nothing but wishful dreams.
So there I was, on my birthday in a new location and without the possibility to give in to my online addiction. What did I do to pass the time? I played the only game available on my girlfriend’s laptop: Plants vs. Zombies
And what can I say? It wasn’t all that bad. I played it quite a lot and soon started to get a hang of it, learned the stats of all my plants, worked towards achievements and hated the music for its catchiness. I beat the game once, but admittedly turned my back on it the moment internet connectivity was established. Such a silly, pointless game, but still… thank you, Plants vs. Zombies! Thank you for entertaining me for otherwise I would have been forced to face real life on my birthday…

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