Sunday, 8 September 2013

No Conclusions

At the end of my Risen 2 LP, I told you about a special video I planned with my personal conclusion and review of the entire game. What I was planning was something like the 'Movie Sins' videos, with me listing all the things I liked and disliked about Risen 2 - Dark Waters and supporting my points with video material running in the background. While my spoken text was quickly done, it was quite difficult to collect video material for all the features mentioned. To be a bit more precise, I have been working on this for several weeks already and feel I'm not even half-way through. Now, with my work and the according lack of spare time, I really started dreading this project of mine, especially in regards to the fact that Risen 2 has been a rather unpopular LP of mine and I wasn't very happy with the game myself, either. Now who would like to hear me point out every single bug, glitch and logical error of a game you have already watched me play for over one-and-a-half years? You, sir? I don't think so. And where is the point in working on a video I do not enjoy making and you guys won't enjoy watching when I already have little time to do the videos I/you actually care about?
So why am I writing this and not just forget about my promised video? The main conflict for me here is this: on the one hand, I would like to show you as much of the game as possible (good and bad) and help you make up your mind about it. On the other hand, a video so full of negativity will only pull you down, would always be subjective and still fail to actually summarise the game in its entirety. And who didn't get a chance to make up their minds about this game after my overly lengthy LP, anyway?
So I decided this: I will abstain from adding individual reviews at the end of each LP and instead just state whether I liked the game or not and name the main positive and negative points. Should be sufficient to clear things up, right?

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